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Youth Exchange "EqualiTEAM"

From 31 October to 7 November, the youth exchange "EqualiTEAM - play, learn, educate" took place in Chania, Greece.

This was an Erasmus+ funded project (KA1 - Learning Mobility) concerning gender equality, in which 7 young people per country, aged between 16 and 30, from Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Romania and Italy took part.

Non-formal education activities were organised, including ice-breaking, workshops, team-building activities and games, including a sports tournament.

There were lots of entertaining moments, where participants had the chance to get to know each other better, and several evenings were organised where each participating country had the chance to share some of their traditions, not only culinary but also cultural!

Below we leave you with the comments of the guys from the Italian group who took part in this week-long experience!

MARTA (19 years old)
"The experience, although ’only’ 7 days long, did not only help me in my English (which I managed to speak better than expected thanks to the climate of ease and confidence that was created), it did not only give me the opportunity to work on topics that interest me in an international and innovative way. Above all, it helped me reinvent myself, I was able to take the best of me and put it into play in another language, with unknown people in a place I had never been before."

ANDREA (24 years old)
"The week in Chania, Crete was one of the best experiences I have had in recent years. This is now my fifth or sixth project I have taken part in and never before have I felt more comfortable than this time. EqualiTeam proved to be a complete, well-structured and organised project, perfectly managed by the Greek organisation, which, as in the past, proved to be competent and prepared. The subject matter is certainly important and worthy of attention, it was not easy to deal with it in a simple way and, in my opinion, this was done excellently.
I loved every single moment of the experience: the exotic location, the participants, the intercultural evenings, the karaoke night and the games we took part in. Thanks to all the participants from other countries. After having spent a wonderful week, saying goodbye was not easy. These bonds are created in a short time, but they are so intense that they have the strength to remain intact even in the long run, and I hope that will happen for this experience as it has in the past. Thank you to the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo for giving me the opportunity to take part in these wonderful initiatives and I am really happy that the city where I live is at the forefront in offering experiences like this to its young citizens. As long as I have the chance, I will not stop taking part in Erasmus+ projects: they are real breaths of fresh air that help personal growth, the discovery of new topics and cultures, increase self-confidence and create very strong friendships, which one must be good at maintaining even after the experience.
If you are in doubt as to whether to take part in an E+ project or not, the advice I can give you is to START: get involved, throw yourself into it and don’t be afraid because if you never go you will know (IF YOU DON’T GO YOU WILL NEVER KNOW)."

(19 years old)
"Fantastic experience, I would gladly do it again. The organisation was very good even in the face of unforeseen events. The activities were interesting and I was easily able to put my English into practice."

MIRKO (19 years old)
"First of all, I would like to thank the European Projects Office, especially Sabrina, who gave me the opportunity to join this wonderful initiative.
This opportunity was fantastic and gave me the chance to practise my English and above all to make some fantastic friends.
Thank you again for everything."

ADA (19 years old)
"This experience in Chania was wonderful because, although short, it was intense and full of emotions.
I met fantastic people, with whom I established a wonderful relationship and with whom I hope to stay in touch and see again soon.
The activities related to gender equality were very inspiring, creative and fun, especially the interviews with the inhabitants of the city on the issue.
It was nice to visit the city and learn more about Greece, such as typical dishes, music, words and idioms.
I returned to Italy full of positivity and unforgettable memories that I will carry with me forever."

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