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Educational activities Test Didactic Mine

On July 11, 2023 at the "rugby nord Milano" summer center in Cinisello Balsamo, the educational activities of the European project "Didactic Mine - The Didactic Mine of Youth Work" were tested.
The project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, aims to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among young people in the social sector, support their communities and improve the quality of development and innovation in youth work. The partnership of this European project consists of TDM2000 (Lead Partner), the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, NGO IUVENTA (Serbia), Corbiz (Turkey), IED (Greece), Intercultura (France) and Media Creativa (Spain).
The educational activities tested by the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, together with those by the other project partners, will be collected in an E-book (first project output).
For the first activity "Planet Mooz dinner" targeted at the lower age group (6-11 years old), children created a menu for "moozians," imaginary aliens. After listening to the introduction letter, participants were divided into groups and in the end filled in and drew their menu idea.
After finishing the menu, children recreated one of their dishes using crepe paper, colored paper cards, scissors, etc.

The second activity "Elevator pitch" was tested with the target age group of 13-17 years old. The educational game was divided into three parts. For the first part, brainstorming was used to introduce the boys to the topic of entrepreneurship, for the second part, the boys were divided into groups so they could come up with their own innovative business idea, and for the third and final part, each group was given time to present their idea to the other groups.

Also with the same target group of youth, "Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?" was tested, a quiz to find out each participant’s level of entrepreneurship. Once the quiz was finished, the youngsters were shown it and compared their achievements and skills in this area.
The last activity, "Where do you stand," aimed at the 18-30 age group, involved the presentation of statements regarding the topic of entrepreneurship. Participants in the educational game chose whether to agree or disagree with the different statements and then gave reasons for their choice.
At the end of the day, feedback was collected from participants on the three activities conducted.
An E-book including all the teaching activities tested by all partners will be published soon. Stay tuned to read the news!

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