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Youth Exchange "REthink" in Crete

From the 22 to 29 October the youth exchange "REthink - rethink the environment towards a more sustainable and green future" took place in Chania, in Greece.

This was an Erasmus+ funded project (KA1 - Learning Mobility) on environmental issues, in which 7 young people aged between 16 and 30 from Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal and Italy took part.

During the week, various non-formal education activities were carried out, such as the creation of waste bins or compost bins, which were later distributed to local people with the aim of bringing as many people as possible closer to new sustainable initiatives.

In addition, a morning of beach cleaning in front of the camping was also organized!

Instead, during the morning of the 27 October, all participants took part in a Study Visit to the Composting and Recycling Centre of the city of Chania, where an expert explained how the system for separating and recycling waste works.

There was also time to play and have fun where it was possible to socialise and get to know more about other countries, including intercultural evenings!

For most of the young people in the Italian group, it was the first time they took part in a youth exchange. Below we leave you their comments on the experience they had this week!

EMMA (22 years old)
"My experience in Crete was truly unique. The topic of sustainability and zero waste was addressed in an engaging and informative way, through workshops directed to our age group (between 17 and 25). What made this experience unforgettable, however, were the people with whom I shared this journey. We experienced a strong sense of community and collaboration, establishing relationships that will surely continue to grow over time.
It was my first project as part of the Erasmus+ programme and I could not have asked for a better introduction to this project."

GIULIO (22 years old)
"It was the first time I participated in Erasmus+. It was a unique opportunity. To be able to step out of my comfort zone, to be able to spend a whole week together and interact with other young people of my age on the most diverse topics.
What impressed me the most were the intercultural evenings, where each group presented their country of origin with traditional songs and dances. it was an extraordinary experience, sharing different ideas and cultures enriched my perspective beyond all expectations! It is a trip you absolutely must experience!"

DANIELE (22 years old)
"It was a great experience, I had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people. I had the chance to get to know new things from different cultures, the workshops were all about exchanging ideas and comparing notes between participants, which can be very useful to get new opinions and improve what we think needs to be improved, on a personal and societal level.
I believe that everyone should try to participate at least once in their journey because these experiences enrich you and allow you to feel connected with people from all over the world."

JACOPO (23 years old)
"A special experience, the location absolutely magnificent, the activities interesting and affordable for everyone. It was an educational experience with interesting and very good games."

KAMIL (23 years old)
"My exchange experience in Chania was unforgettable.
From the project itself, which was about eco-sustainability issues and finding an alternative solution for waste disposal, to the people I met during this exciting week.
I met a lot of great people and I hope to maintain relationships with all of them.
It is an experience I highly recommend to everyone whether you know languages or not, because in the end the only barrier there is is ourselves and if we can overcome it we can do anything."

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