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On Friday 19th May, at Villa Forno (via Martinelli 23, Cinisello Balsamo), there will be the TrainingDay on Erasmus+, a training day promoted by the Local Eurodesk Centre of Cinisello Balsamo in collaboration with the National Agency for Young People.
It is a seminar of the duration of about 7 hours that takes place over one day. The purpose of the TrainingDay is to deepen the main aspects of the design within the European program Erasmus +: Youth, with particular attention to qualitative elements that must be developed in the projects themselves.
The TrainingDay is primarily aimed at representatives of institutions/organizations/groups, residing in the region that hosts the seminar and that want to improve the quality of their design and/or approach the design by developing quality ideas.
There are no registration nor participation costs, and not even reimbursement for food, accommodation and travel costs for the participants.

There are four Erasmus+:Youth activities that can be explored in depth during the TrainingDay:

• KA 1 - Mobility of individuals > Exchanges and Youth Workers
• KA 1 - Mobility of individuals > European Voluntary Service
• KA 2 - Strategic partnerships in the youth field
• KA 3 - Structured Dialogue

During each TrainingDay two of the above activities, identified by the majority of members among those indicated, will be treated.
The maximum number of participants for each TrainingDay is 60, i.e. 2 groups of 30 participants for the 2 activities identified by the majority of those enrolled in the seminar.
In case of equal conditions, priority will be given according to the date of registration to the seminar.

The Work Program
The outline program and standard working methods are summarized below:

• 09.30 > 10.00 Registration of participants
• 10.00 > 10.15 Welcome and Greetings from the organizing bodies (Plenary)
• 10.15 > 10.30 Introduction: Purpose and Methodology of the Seminar (Plenary)
• 10.30 > 11.15 How to present a project? (Plenary session + follow-up questions)
• 11.15 > 14.30 What are the quality elements of a project? (Working groups)
• 14.30 > 16.00 What are the quality elements of a project? (Plenary/Work Groups and Insights)
• 16.00 > 16.30 How do you manage and report on a project? (Plenary session + follow-up questions)
• 16.30 > 16.45 Evaluation, Conclusions and Closure (Plenary)

The final program, as well as the information about the location and logistics of the seminar (which will be in Cinisello Balsamo), will be sent via e-mail to the selected participants only 7 days before the scheduled date of the TrainingDay.

For any other information, please send an e-mail to: eventi@eurodesk.it
To register go to: Registration Form

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