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With the project Youth Network Reloaded Job Shadowing that was held in our municipality, we had the opportunity to show our visiting partners, the various activities that are carried out by our municipality regarding services to citizenship.

Ana and Denis, coming from Romania, precisely from Bucharest, were able to try in person some of the activities that are carried out by our staff.
They visited some of our spaces such as the coworking COFO’ - Spaces and knowledge sharing in Villa Breme Forno and our Cultural Centre "Sandro Pertini", noting themselves the large number of young people that go there.
Among the activities, they have experienced a simulation of EntrepreneurshipLab, an activity that is carried out with high school students during the project of alternation school-work.

Inventing a product or a service, developing a young entrepreneurial start-up and establishing yourself in the market with your own innovative idea.
In one morning, the staff together with our guests divided into two groups that developed two product ideas.

The ideas that came out of this are:

  • A bicycle with a built-in removable umbrella, designed by Denis’ group.
  • Ana’s group, on the other hand, came up with an eco-friendly glass made from wood and coated with wax.

Another activity that took place was 3D printing lesson, at our Cultural Centre, together with an expert colleague of our municipality, Giovanni who is always excited to find people to whom he can transmit certain interests.

Ana and Denis were very impressed by the city, by the realities we work with and they really appreciated our team.

Here is an interview showing Denis’s point of view, our guest from Romania and Biljana’s, our staff colleague from Serbia.


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