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E-quality: The experiences of the partecipants

From May 11 to May 18, 2024, 44 young people were in Greece to conduct an experience that has as its major focus spreading awareness regarding gender discrimination.

The activities were based on an informal approach that allowed the participants to develop knowledge and practical skills toward the topic at hand. Communication took place through the medium of English, and there was no shortage of fun moments where participants had the opportunity to get to know each other.

’’It was a unique experience. Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to compare myself with people from different parts of the world and managed to understand that they, like me, share the same problems but also the same dreams. In addition, I had the chance to improve my English and relate to a reality and culture different from my own. ’’ - Valentina

’’As a first experience, it was great! I met new cultures and new people that allowed me to grow as a person; it also allowed me to improve my English. Definitely an experience I would recommend and do again.’’ - Giada

’’The project in Chania was fantastic! It created from the very first evening a peaceful environment in which to dialogue, meet new people and have fun times all together.
My experience has shown me different realities over the years, and this project I can say was completely different from previous ones. The people were wonderful, very eager to participate in the activities (superbly managed by Ioanna, the facilitator), no one judged anyone and everyone was happy to be there.
The opportunity to have these experiences enriches our interpersonal skills and broadens our view of the world, and I believe that sooner or later everyone should experience going on a Yotuh Exchange.’’ - Sara

’’Despite a thousand worries and numerous fears, I decided to give them a restraint because I knew, in my own small way, that I would have a wonderful experience, and I did!
I was able to spend a week full of knowledge and fun. I had the opportunity to improve my language but above all to learn more about a topic like gender equality that is very important and about which too little is spoken. I had the opportunity to hear different opinions on the subject, especially related to different cultures and customs, and this I think is the most enriching element of all. I also had the opportunity to be able to meet so many people, each of whom left a contribution and a mark within me. Friends I will take with me in the years to come….Thanks! I look forward to being able to repeat this experience because it is worth it.’’ - Giulia

’’The experience in Crete was my first cross-cultural exchange experience; I left with fear and anxiety and came back happier than ever, I felt welcomed, understood; in touch with new worlds and cultures and above all with new friendships.’’ -Nada

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