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In these days are starting the international exchanges promoted by our Eurodesk Cinisello Balsamo Centre in collaboration with local and international realities. These opportunities aim to involve participants in activities of animation and non-formal education, in close contact with peers of different nationalities. The goal is to work together around a common theme, at the basis of the exchange. The projects always provide a minimum or no economic expense as funded and supported by the European Union through the Erasmus + programme. The young people participating in an international exchange are always accompanied and followed by operators of the municipality or by the promoting association. Here are the four summer exchanges that are about to start officially:

  • WELCOME will be based in Poland with participants from the Drums for Peace network of which we have been stable members for several years. The topic is climate change and, as usual for DfP exchanges, the tools of dialogue will be the performing arts: dance, music and visual arts. The students left on June 30th for the first round. In fact, a second exchange is planned in November in Finland, as the final part of the Welcome project.
  • ACT (Aware Citizens Take Part) will be held in Arcos de Valdevez (Portugal) from 3rd to 12th July and will focus on democracy and active citizenship, with the aim of providing young people with tools to become active citizens and participants in democratic life. The activities planned are debates, team works, intercultural dinners.
  • LACIO DROM is the only one of the four exchanges that takes place in Italy. In fact, the students will be engaged from 2nd to 9th July at the "Al Deserto" Hostel in Chiavenna (Sondrio), which has already hosted many other exchanges in past years. The theme is fear of diversity and cultural diversity, working in groups, taking part in role.-playing games and organizing a final flash mob to perform in the streets of the town. The exchange was organized by the association ARCI La Quercia of Cinisello in collaboration with the association Young Effect, and was born from a course of europlanning funded by the Eurodesk network.
  • YOUTH INCLUSIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP LAB is the last initiative to start (from 5th to 12th July) and it is strictly connected with the School-Work Alternation project that involved students from Erasmo da Rotterdam High School in Sesto San Giovanni and Martin Luther King High School in Muggiò. The winners of the final Elevator Pitch (HERE the report) will travel for a week to Ovar (Portugal) bringing with them their works, which they will compare with those of their peers from Romania, Portugal, Latvia and Greece. During the week they will replicate the activities carried out during the hours of alternance, with new groups composed randomly among all participants: it will be an opportunity to work on an innovative project in English and taking into account the different cultural backgrounds.
    You can follow all the live updates from the exchange locations on our social channels Pagine Giovani Cinisello (Facebook) and paginegiovanicinisello (Instagram). For all the information on how to participate in the European activities promoted by our office you can follow Eurodesk Cinisello Balsamo and/or contact us at cinisellobalsamo@eurodesk.eu or pagine.giovani@comune.cinisello-balsamo.mi.it.
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