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Published the fifth Newsletter of the Didactic Mine project

As we approach the conclusion of the Didactic mine project, let’s look back at the results we have achieved over the past two years, through the fifth Newsletter!

The E-Book is a resource to equip youth workers and educators with a comprehensive toolkit to promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people. It presents 30 engaging learning activities, adapted to three different age groups, promoting the development of key competences.

Besides the E-Book, we also present the interactive game on social entrepreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This tool improves critical thinking, analysis and teamwork, while at the same time developing essential skills such as time management, social responsibility and effective communication.

Throughout the duration of the project, three transnational meetings were held in Slovenia, Spain and Italy, where project partners met to discuss and review project activities.
In addition, a training session in France offered young people the opportunity to test and evaluate project activities and contribute to their practical implementation. These meetings fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange, thus enriching the project results.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the project activities, piloting activities were undertaken in each partner country, involving students and young people aged between 6 and 30 in experimentation and feedback. In addition, several multiplier events were organised in partner countries to disseminate the project results to a wider community. These initiatives facilitated community engagement and dissemination of knowledge, demonstrating the success and importance of the project.

As a conclusion of the Didactic Mine project, we thank all partners, supporters and those who showed interest in the activities.
Together, we have achieved remarkable results for both young people and local communities!

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For more information, you can read the following document:

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