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Published the fourth Newsletter of the Didactic Mine project

Through the fourth Newsletter we are excited to announce the release of the interactive game on social entrepreneurship and the SDGs!
This innovative game is a dynamic tool for educators, trainers and youth organisations. The game offers participants the opportunity to acquire different skills such as strategic planning, developing critical thinking or team collaboration. Through a series of interconnected activities, the knowledge exchange is facilitated and participants are challenged to identify solutions to complex global challenges, thus developing the mindset needed to bring about positive change in their communities and beyond.

Furthermore, on 14 and 15 February 2024, the partners held the project Final meeting in Cagliari, Italy, which was crucial to discuss on the latest results achieved after two years of work. We reviewed the impact of the project and the goals, which were achieved thanks to the collective efforts of all partners!

We invite you to follow the project website, where we will continue to provide
updates, always moving towards a more sustainable future for all!

For more information, you can download the following document:

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