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The outputs

Through the CoYOUTHworking project, partners from Italy, Portugal, France, the Netherlands and Croatia have worked on the creation of 3 outputs, tools that allow to increase the social impact of coworking spaces in that territory. These are, in particular, suggestions for the settings that need to be both economically sustainable and able to support the effective development of entrepreneurial skills of the young users they host.

You can find here the final video of the project, where the main objectives and results are presented.

The first result
The first output is a strategic organizational model able to promote and maximize the social impact of youth participation and entrepreneurship, inside and outside coworking spaces in Europe.
The booklet contains guidelines and indicators that are useful for those who manage a coworking space, to build an open space ready to welcome young people and promote economic and social development of the community that hosts it.
The model has been outlined using a specific research methodology set up thanks to the support of the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano, co-created with CoYOUTHworking partners.

You can find here the full version of the booklet, which include the methodology description and some annexes.

If you are in a hurry, you can download the short version in English:

PDF - 7.7 Mb
A strategic organizational model to combine youth participation, social impact and promotion of youth entrepreneurship inside (and outside) a coworking space

The second result
The second output is a competence model useful for coworking managers and staff interested in transforming spaces and services into levers to promote opportunities for local youth.
The model was built on the basis of ETS - A Competence Model for Youth Workers by SALTO, therefore it is based on the approach of socio-educational animation.
In the last pages of the booklet, you can find a description of good practices implemented by the project partners, explaining how competences can be applied to concrete activities.

PDF - 3.5 Mb
A competence model for coworking space - youth workers

The third output
The third and last output is an online self-evaluation quiz, addressed to the co-working operators, which helps to measure the youth work competencies identified during the activity period:

All these tools can be downloaded for free from theCoYOUTHworking website in 6 different languages (Italian, English, Portuguese, French, Croatian, Norwegian).

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