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CoYOUTHworking multiplier event in Matera

The launch event of the final results of CoYOUTHworking took place on the 9th of October 2021, in the occasion of the opening of the new HubOut space in Matera. It was an interactive workshop managed in collaboration with the European partners, who enriched the meeting with contributions related to their specific expertise.
The audience of the event was mainly represented by the youth startups participating in the HubOut training course, as well as by the project’s partner organizations: Oltrespazio, which manages the Cofò coworking space in Cinisello Balsamo; the CSBNO, which promotes Makers Lab within the libraries in the North of Milano; the Municipality of Matera, responsible for the opening of the new HubOut space; Basilicata Creativa, Generazione Lucana and Comincenter, who has accompanyed and supported the entrepreneurial projects of the local young people. In addition, there were youth workers from organizations active in the Erasmus+ framework.

The program included:

  • a general presentation of CoYOUTHworking, of the needs and reflections that originated the project idea, as well as a presentation of the participating organizations;
  • a specific session on the role of the youth worker in developing the entrepreneurial skills of young people, as well as on the European framework and on the opportunities financed by Erasmus + addressed to youth workers;
  • an in-depth study on the theme of shared workspaces and on the role of the community manager as a facilitator of interaction between the coworking and the local communities of young people (by the representatives of ImpactHub);
  • an in-depth description of the outputs and consultation methods; in addition, copies of the booklet and the skills model translated into Italian were provided to the participants;
  • a presentation of some practices described in the outputs, in particular the Enterecomp Lab Junior (which provides for the accompaniment of high school students in the development of an entrepreneurial idea, in the form of a simulation) and of the participatory processes that may be useful for co-design a shared workspace.
    The workshop ended with a World Cafè activity: the participants were divided into discussion groups with the task of reflecting on 4 different topics and summarizing the conclusions on posters; for each of the theme, each group had 5 minutes at their disposal to discuss and report the contributions. At the end of the available minutes, the results were presented in front of the political decision-makers, with the support of the CoYOUTHworking partners who facilitated the process.

The 4 food for thoughts were:

  • What could make a shared workspace more “attractive” for young people (in terms of activities, events, key figures, furnishings / design of the space….)?
    Here emarged the interest of young people in finding a "digital" and technological space, as well as a non-formal approach to the events and activities that would be promoted, and proposals for intercultural encounter and exchange.
  • What connections (with which external actors) do you expect to find a shared workspace?
    It emphasizes the search for "expert" figures who can support young entrepreneurs, but also the need to find customers and partners.
  • Can a public body promote the spread of an "entrepreneurial culture" in the community? If so, how?
    The reflections focused both on the construction of a long-term strategy and on practical activities such as the involvement of "business angels", the proposal of tenders and funding, as well as the provision of legal assistance for the startup phase.
  • How can shared workspaces benefit the local community?
    The key words highlighted in the conclusions were: network, economic benefits and promotion of more sustainable ways of working, innovation and creativity, as well as the meeting of different types of people (with different cultural, social, economic and educational backgroups).
    At the end of the workshop, all the reflections and suggestions were symbolically "delivered" to the representatives of the Municipality of Matera who are responsible for developing the new HubOut coworking space.

    Proposing the launch of the CoYOUTHworking results during the opening event of a new shared workplace made it possible to highlight the connection between the theme of coworking and that of youth work and youth policies, highlighting the benefits for those in charge to manage the coworking, for young people and the local community.
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