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The third work group in Viseu

After more than a year in which the covid-19 pandemic forced the partners of CoYOUTHworking to develop the project online, from 5th to 8th of July the representatives of the organizations had the opportunity to meet again in Viseu, hosted by the Portuguese organization APPJuventude.

The youth workers took the opportunity to update their colleagues on the progress of activities in their respective countries, but above all to refine and finalize the second output planned within the project: a competence model for youth workers to work in a coworking space
The proposal is inspired by the ETS model - A Competence Model for Youth Worker to Work Internationally, published by SALTO Training & Cooperation Resource Center platform, and it has been adapted to the context of shared workspaces.

The model, which will be published shortly on this website and on the page dedicated to CoYOUTHworking on www.hubout.it (together with the guidelines for the organizational strategy), includes a list of 6 key competence, in turn declined in aptitudes , knowledge, skills and behaviors, as well as an in-depth study of practices and tools useful for developing the skills themselves. This last section is a collection of experiences developed by the project partners in Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, France and Croatia.

The process of defining the output involved the representatives of the organizations even during the periods of restriction aimed at containing the contagion: in fact, there were numerous meetings and online working sessions that made it possible to continue in the development of activities, keeping together the project staff to achieve the objectives.
The meeting in Portugal, however, once again constituted an added value for the content of the project, enriched by the possibility of visiting places of interest for the themes addressed.
APPjuventude’s youth workers accompanied the colleagues to visit Pousada de Juventude de Viseu, a hostel managed by the Adamastor association with particular attention to the gathering and sociality of young people, the hosting of international initiatives and the support to actions within the non-profit sector.
The activities of hostels are closely linked to those of the adjacent Youth Centre, which involves local and European volunteers in its coordination, and which CoYOUTHworking is helping to connect with the nearby coworking space.
The participating youth workers will meet again in Zagreb, Croatia, in september 2020, to refine and officialy launch all projects outputs through the dedicated website.

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