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Idee in Comune is a project of structured dialogue proposed by Youth Project Services of our city as a means of study and comparison between youngsters and local politic representatives. In this project participated two classes of two different high schools: 4°A from the High School of Applied Science “Cartesio” and 3°A from the Foreign Language High School “Erasmo da Rotterdam”. In the previous months students worked hard for a few days, guided and followed by our operators, developing together constructive proposals for their cities to present them to administrators in Cinisello Balsamo and in Sesto San Giovanni. They met them and talked with them about the needs and difficulties that youngsters face during their daily life in their neighbourhoods. The outcomes of the comparisons were satisfying and they received the enthusiasm from both sides, so the intention is to re-propose the project for the years to come.

The last part of this first edition of “Idee in Comune” also includes a two-day final in Brescia on 5th and 6th of October, during which our boys will meet some peers from other parts of Italy who have carried out activities in their municipalities. So, unfortunately, we had to select only five of them as representatives of the application of their respective classes. This was very difficult for us, as everyone distinguished for commitment and abilities. The selected guys, to whom we address particular compliments for the demonstration that they gave us in the working days, are:

For Cartesio High School:
• Fatine Benhammou
• Nicola Di Gregorio

For Erasmo da Rotterdam High School:
• Giulia Dvorak
• Chiara Bassissi
• Sara Gargioni

For the reports of the different project days click here

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