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The first meeting with the partners of our CoYOUTHworking project took place from 28 to 30 October, which obtained funding of over € 200,000 from the Erasmus + Program - Strategic Partnerships for Innovation in the Youth.

CoYOUTHworking aims to create useful tools to enhance the role of young people in coworking spaces, guidelines that can be used by those who already manage a shared workspace or by those who want to start a new one.
It was a meeting full of ideas and reflections and, in addition to having retraced the stages of the project, the partners from Croatia, France, Portugal and the Netherlands, had the opportunity to visit Cofò "A place full of potential, where it is easy to imagine the birth of a real coworkers community ", the guests commented.
The operators also visited LibertHub, the multifunctional civic center of Monza including a coworking space which, like Cofò, will be involved in experimenting with the tools created by the project.
Equally interesting was the meeting with Dr. Arianna Vignati of the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano, involved in CoYOUTHworking for the essential scientific validation of the results, who was able to explain why the design sector and that of spaces of shared work are so connected.

The meeting ended with the greetings from the Councilor for Youth Policies Daniela Maggi: "Once again the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo promotes an innovative initiative dedicated to policies that affect young people and the labour market, continuing the discussion and collaboration with other European realities. "

8 November 2019
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