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Mid-term meeting in Milan

From the 24th to the 25th of January 2023, the mid-term meeting of the Cityful project was held in Milan.
Cityful is a project co-funded by the European Commission that aims to support and create new opportunities for European NEETs (young people who are not studying and not working) and drop-outs (young people who have dropped out of school) through the enhancement and training of youth workers, the strengthening of the Third Sector, and the creation of an interactive digital game made by the partnership.
During the first day we had the opportunity to visit Chiavenna, the city that will host the Learning Activity during March.

The activity will be hosted at the Al Deserto Hostel in Chiavenna (SO), a reference point for European exchanges and residential activities promoted by Cinisello Balsamo organizations. The Hostel is located within a structure with a high social vocation of considerable symbolic value for the area.
The Learning Activity represents an opportunity to re-activate the target group consisting of NEETs and drop-outs, who will be involved in the refinement phase of the CITYFUL digital game before the final version is produced.
The Learning Activity will also aim to train youth workers in the use of the game, strengthening skills useful in working with these target groups with a non-formal inclusive approach.

On the second day of the meeting together with the other partners - Nordic European mobility (Sweden), Itinerari Paralleli (Italy), Co-actions (France) and Trokut Sibenik (Croatia) - we discussed the progress of the project and the next steps to be taken. We look forward to hearing how it will go, follow us to stay updated!

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