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Town Twinning project meets the youth!

On March 5, 2024, at the Il Pertini Cultural Center, we finally met the young people who will participate with us in the Town Twinning project, in which the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo is a partner together with the Turkish municipality of Edremit, the project leader, Fondazione Legambiente Innovazione and the University of Milan.

The theme around which the Town Twinning work is organized is climate change, with a special focus on the role of young people in the necessary ecological transition. In fact, in addition to the development of a digital and participatory platform-curated by the State University of Milan-that analyzes the links between climate and pollution, one of the project outcomes is the creation of two Youth Committees for the Environment, in Edremit and Cinisello Balsamo.

During this first meeting, the young people-all attending the Giulio Casiraghi High School of Science-discussed the issue of climate change and the causes that fuel it and, led by Dr. Giorgia Ramaioli, representative of Legambiente Cinisello Balsamo, performed guided exercises aimed at sounding out the direct consequences that daily actions have on the climate, thus finding alternative solutions to reduce our environmental impact.

One of the activities, for example, led them to simulate a city council that, with eco-values at its disposal, must decide in which tools to facilitate the climate transition the municipality should invest.

Young participants showed great interest in the topic-a great starting point for Town Twinning!

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