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Climate Change Summit in Villa Ghirlanda

On 28th April 2024, the "Summit for Climate and Youth Participation" event of the Town Twinning project "Youth Participation in Creating Resilient Cities" took place at Villa Ghirlanda in Cinisello Balsamo.

During the morning, a conference was held with the participation of various stakeholders, who through their intervention made a contribution by delving specifically into various aspects of the climate situation, with the aim of sharing ideas and raising awareness especially among young people in this regard.After the opening phase presented by the Councillor Daniela Maggi, followed the presentation of the project partners, including the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo and Legambiente Foundation with Emilio Bianco, along with the Municipality of Edremit via videoconference. Next came the University of Milan, with lecturers Maurizio Maugeri and Guglielmina Diolaiuti, who commented on the climate situation from a scientific and physical point of view, defining the phenomenon of glaciers and their characteristics.
The Regione Lombardia also presented the area’s Youth Policies, and the opportunities for active participation aimed at young people, thanks to the remote speech of Barbara Chiappa.

Finally, there was a final in-depth discussion on glaciers from an environmental point of view with Vanda Bonardo of CIPRA Italy and teacher Davide Fugazza, particularly on the situation in Turkey, the country of the project partnership.
The last presentation of the morning was by Giorgia Ramaioli of Legambiente Cinisello Balsamo, who involved students from class 4DS of Giulio Casiraghi High School as they form part of the Youth Council on Climate.

Instead, during the afternoon, an activity was carried out, involving actively the participants, through a game on the environmental issue, aimed at creating a discussion about it, given the informal atmosphere that allowed especially the young people to develop reflections in a free way.
In closing, all participants were enthusiastic about the results obtained and the participation in the event by even young students!

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