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Public seminar and study visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

From 19 to 22 June 2023, the first reminar and study visit was held in Bosnia, according to the Make It Grow! plan, a project funded by the Erasmus+ - Capcity Building program in the Youth sphere that has the Municipality of Cinisello Blasamo in the role of leader partner.

The 18 participants are young social entrepreneurs (or aspiring ones), youth workers or administrators from Italy, Albania, Bsnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Turkey (all partners of the project). This was the first one of the three stages (Bosnia, Albania and Montenegro) dedicated to the discover of three different realities and to the dissemination of the project and project results: the policy guideline paper about youth entrepreneurship.
During the first day, the seminar was held with the participation of local organizations, youth, teachers, and youth workers. We started with ice-breaking activities to know each other better, then we introduced ourselves and presented the project. Afterwards, the policy paper about the social entrepreneurship was presented to all guests and we did activities, divided by countries, aimed at analyzing our own territory and cultural context.

In the afternoon, through a team building "collective drawing" activity we made a focus on the values and qualities we bring within our organization, and more generally within our local community.

During the second day, we did the study visit at "LOS Rosales association and RADIN social business" an organization that provides recreational and catering activities run by people with disabilities.
Mobilities to the project partner countries will follow in the coming months. If you are curious about the next steps, keep following us!

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