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Agorà arrives in Cinisello Balsamo (and in the High School)

On 17 and 18 March, Cinisello Balsamo hosted more than 30 young people, together with the leaders, from the partner cities of the Agora project: Santa Maria de Feira, Smolyan, Athienou and Athens.
These two days were intense, rich in activities and contents, but also full of informal moments dedicated knowing each other. As in every meeting of this project, a wonderful sense of teamwork and mutual listening among all the young participants emerged. The goal of the workshops was right on the youngsters, on the dialogue between them and on their ability to build a complete and articulate conversation on the relevant issues nowadays in Europe, a goal surely achieved by all participants.
The first day all the activities took place in the auditorium and in the laboratories of the Pertini Cultural Centre:
The focus of the day was on open and structured dialogue, already started by young people in the other meetings: 5 working groups, each on a European theme.
The end of the day produced the outputs in front of all the participants in the project.
On the second day the youngsters went to the high schools located in Parco Nord, where they met some classrooms and collaborated in a series of non-formal educational activities.
This meeting has consolidated once again the strong bond that has been created during the project, both for youngsters and leaders.
Agora continues to highlight the communicative and thought power of the boys and girls living in the European Union.

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