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EntrecompLab Junior finally starts in Cinisello Balsamo!

On Monday 12th April starts the EntrecompLab junior Path in Cinisello Balsamo, twinning with the municipality of Matera.
During the path, the young between 16 and 19 years old will be accompany and stimulated in the develop of business ideas trough the model TOP (Training Opportunities Pitch) developed in the municipality of Estarreja (Portugal).

The group will be helped during the days by the group POY-Point of Youth and by the girls from Ufficio Europa, progetti complessi e fundraising.

This year 35 young join the project, they came from different high school (scientific, Language, Classic and chemistry). The participation follows the covid-19 rules, all the activities are online trough Zoom.
The first day of work was about the Idea Generation useful to stimulate the creativity and the generation go new ideas.

In the morning there was a first icebreaking moment to verify with an informal method the knowledge of the start-up world from the young. We used Mentimeter, a platform that allow people to work in an interactive way.

The day moved on splitting the young in 7 groups, they had to find a name for the group and gave themselves 10 rules to follow during the whole path.

Some moment of Icebreaking and energizer, organized by the group Insiem.e, were indispensable for the young to break the ice and start to know the mates; this moments were altered with work moments finalized to the creation of innovative ideas. At the end of the day, each group found out two ideas on it will work in the next days.

In the last moment of debriefing, the young shared their thoughts and emotions that accompanied them during this first step.

The next steps will be Thursday 15th, Friday 16th, Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd.

Except for the five days that accompany the young to the entrepreneurship, the young will do a speed date with entrepreneurs and young startuppers and an Elevator Pitch open to citizens.

The path will end with the award ceremony for the two more convincing ideas (one from Cinisello Balsamo and one From Matera), the prize will be the opportunity to participate in a Youth Exchange, with the meeting e the exchange between the Participants from Cinisello and Matera.

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