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The EntrecompLab senior laboratory starts

The laboratory Entreomp Lab Senior is about to begin and it involves all the youngsters that were selected during the Elevator Pitch in December.
The general aim of Entrecomp Lab experience is to accompany participants in an incubation and learning path of their entrepreneurial projects, giving them the tools to start a real business.

Theoretical lessons, that are going to take place every Tuesday and will be lead by professors from the Department of Design of the Politecnico of Milan, will introduce themes such as the type of company, demand and supply, economical sustainability and models to enter the market.
According to the theoretical contents acquired during the lessons, every week each group will be given an objective that they must reach, and this objective will be adapted to the stage of development of each idea .

The lessons on how to start a company will be supported by in-depth analysis on digital tools: from the creation of a website up to the presence on social media, from video-making to e-commerce, all the topics were agreed together with the participant groups and they will be included in a programme defined thanks to the collaboration with CSBNO (Culture Socialità Biblioteche Network Operativo).

One more fundamental pillar of Entrecomp Lab will be the contribution that each participant is going to share with the project, as an exchange with other participants , both to amplify the impact on local territories, and engage the whole citizenship. The path of the Entrecomp Lab will occur simultaneously with Matera: moments of encounter, comparison and exchange between the two territories will be created, and so opportunities for dialogue with participants from Basilicata.

On Tuesday the 2nd of February 2021, took place the first meeting for the beginning of the Entrecomp Lab Senior. It was a zoom meeting in which participated the guys from the project HubOut, the tutors and the professor Sergio Campodall’orto from the Politecnico of Milan. The lecturer, that will follow the educational path about the creation of start-up, is an expert in Entrepreneurship and Design at the School of Design - Politecnico di Milano , is a Consultant and project managre at the Politecnico Fundation and is a Business Developer at PoliHub (the incubator of Politecnico di Milano).

The meeting was useful because it clarified some of the stages of the laboratory from an administrative and organizational point of view, while later were analysed the aims that have to be reached through the realization of the project.
During the second half of the meeting, the professor explained some examples of successful start-up as Fubles, the social network for playing soccer and the guys had the chance to intervene and actively participate proposing their ideas about the themes discussed.

The following day, the laboratory continued with the presentation of the digital classes provided thanks to the engagement of some experts.
The first person who intervened was Silvia Boniardi. She has been working in a Communication Agency for many years. Thanks to her collaboration, the guys had the chance to clarify their curiosities about giveaways and GDPR. In March there will be another class with her for an in-depth analysis of these topics.
Later, Lino Garbellini and Emiliano Bertaggia, two experts about websites, social media, the phenomenon of influencers, promotion and e-commerce, intervened. They both briefly explained the topics that will be discussed and the themes on which they would like to focus during the classes that are going to begin next week.
During the meeting everyone was particularly interested in the topic of social networks. Emiliano Bertaggia explained that nowadays it is fundamental to be online, so the guys started thinking about their idea of a website and about the social network that would be better for their start up, also considering the people they want to reach. They also had the chance to talk about the 7-seconds key rule and the use of new platforms such as Twitch and Clubhouse.
A lot of emphasis was put on the naming of the start-up. In fact, this must be easy to understand and to remember, unique and it must evoke a mental vision and recollection of the brand.
In the end, the two experts recommended the guys to think of 3 principal characteristics that represent their start-up.

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