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Social campaign for the DCP 2.0 project.

Would you like to vote for the best tool for digital youth participation? The DCP project needs your opinion!
Digital Civic Participation 2.0 is a project co-funded by the European CERV program that aims to innovate the process of civic education of young people and increase their participation in the choices of their community.
The ultimate goal of the project is the creation of a HandBook with a collection of e-participation tools on the territory of each project partner (Greece, Romania, Poland, Lithuania and Italy), with practical examples to improve youth civic participation.

During these months of work, project partners examined the most effective tools in their own and partner territories. Two workshops were also held during these months to familiarize young people in the territory with them. This was an important opportunity not only to inform about the digital participation tools currently in use in European countries, but also to check whether citizens-especially young people-were actually aware of the tools available in their territory, and if so, how effective they were.

Here are the most popular tools in partner countries:
Italy (link)
Greece (link)
Poland (link)
Romania (link)
Lithuania (link)

Currently, the communication campaign has been launched to disseminate the tools and find out, through a voting campaign, which digital tool is most effective. The results will be presented at the Hackaton to be held in Athens from June 21-24, 2023.

Do you want to become an active citizen? Go to and click on "vote here" to vote for your favorite!

If you are curious to find out the winning tool, keep following us!

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