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S.M.A.R.T. Youth Center : The second transnational meeting in Ljubljana

On October 20, 2022 took place the second transnational partner meeting of the SMART Youth Center project, funded in 2021 by the Erasmus+ Program - Key Action 2.

The project aims to create opportunities for the development of Digital Youth Work (DYW) and digital skills of youth workers, with a focus on building inclusive activities for young people. The goal is to develop digital skills and promote innovative learning approaches by making them inclusive.

The meeting was attended by representatives from each of the project partner organizations, and meeting in person was very useful to be able to talk about project developments and next project steps.

During the meeting the Greek partner I.R.T.E.A., the project leader, showed us the CEREBRUM platform on which all the online lessons (MOOCs) created by each of the partners in the past months will be uploaded. In particular, we saw how to register on the website, how it works and how the contents will be listed.
Then, we moved on to the second project outcome which is the development of a VR Environment, specifically a virtual youth aggregation center will be created that is expected to fill the digital gap between kids/young people and gives space for the realization of digital activities for youth workers.

Bolt partner, who is in charge of Virtual Services and Productions, was attending the meeting and showed us the beta version of what the virtual youth center will look like, and together we discussed about some possible changes , getting inspired by existing youth centers in their respective countries.
The participants were able to test the virtual reality visor to see it with their own eyes,and it was very fascinating to move between room spaces, move objects, and interact with other people virtually. The virtual youth center should be ready by early in the new year.

Are you a youth worker and you would like to participate in this project? We are searching for participants for our training course here and if you are interested write to us at

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