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Actigame: Training Course in Moclin, Granada

From October 6 to October 13 2022, the first training course of the Actigame project was held in Moclin, Andalusia, Spain.

The project involved 16 participants, including youth workers, stakeholders and educators, from four associations from also four countries: Asociacion EUducate (Spain), Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo (Italy), Asociatia Dominou (Romania) and Be International (Czech Republic).

The activities had Gamification as their central topic, in other words, the methodologies that make learning and involvement of the participants easier through the use of playful approaches, which are suitable not only for a young audience, but also very useful for adult people.

The main goals of the week included, among others, the creation of a game for educational purposes that had topics such as social inclusion and active citizenship as key pillars, and the drafting of surveys and interviews shared among all countries to collect data on civic participation of young people in their communities. The surveys and interviews, once completed, will be given to youth, youth workers and policy makers in communities in each project partner country.

This type of project allowed participants not only to discuss important issues related to active citizenship and social inclusion, but also to get involved themselves and unleash their creativity and their ideas during the creation and implementation sessions of the games that were proposed.

Here following you will find the experiences of the youngsters from the area who represented the municipality of Cinisello Balsamo in this project mobility.

Valentina, 22:

"The training course in Moclin (Granada) was my first Erasmus+ project and like every first time the fears were many. One of them was the language and the resulting difficulty and fear of isolation. In reality everything turned out differently, because this experience helped me overcome some of my insecurities, take advantage of opportunities to expose my ideas, and gave me the chance to meet wonderful people. Then, being in contact for seven days with people from different countries and cultures, I can say that a great feeling was created and new friendships were established. I was also able to experience non-formal education, which made emerge my creativity, because it is sometimes hidden and little used on a daily basis. I can only be happy for everything that happened and I hope to participate in other Erasmus+ projects in the future."

Samuele, 21:

"The training course in Moclin was my first mobility experience abroad. Initially I was worried, also because I didn’t even know my Italian colleagues, but instead I found myself in a wonderful experience of cooperation and fun both with the Italian group and with the guys and trainers from Spain, Czech Republic and Romania. The activities promoted by the trainers were never boring, and in addition they were particularly engaging and important with the goal of raising awareness of the key topics of the training course. Thanks to this experience I discovered a new side of myself that I didn’t think I had and this is due to the wonderful group with whom I shared a memorable week. I would like to thank my colleagues from the City of Cinisello Balsamo for proposing me to take part in the project and the entire Moclin team for making the experience unforgettable."

Beatrice, 23:

"I took part in the training course of the Actigame project and after this experience, I think I can say that everyone at least once in their life should try to take part in an Erasmus+ program. Personally, I feel I’m a different and better person after spending a week in Moclín, experiencing the methods of non formal education for the first time. Through the use of playing, I had the opportunity to learn new information regarding different cultures, but at the same time to discover sides of myself that weren’t known yet. All the people who participated in this project were able to leave something good, even with a smallest gesture. It is an enriching experience that pushes you to be the best version of yourself every day."

Andrea, 23:

"I was in Moclin for the Actigame training course, which was my fourth Erasmus+ project I took part in, and all I can say is that it was a wonderful experience. This opportunity gave me the chance to reflect on important topics such as active citizenship and social inclusion, and I also had the chance for the first time to show my creative side with practical game creation session. The activities never had any major weaknesses but, on the contrary, I have to say that they were always interesting and well-structured.
During the week I established very solid bonds with each of the participants from different countries and felt good throughout the whole training course. Overall I can say that the experience was extremely positive and from this week I take away with me many new friends, many laughs and a beautiful memory. I can do nothing but recommend to everyone to take part in an Erasmus+ project because no matter what the topic of the project is, the place you go or the people you meet, in the end you will always come away from it enriched and you will alays have unforgettable memories in your heart, forever."

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