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The begin of the european project SPUR!

SPUR is a project co-founded by the Eu that started in January 2024 and expects the collaboration between 6 local authorities from 5 different european countries. The full name is “Social Postcovid Urban Revitalization” (Rivitalizzazione Sociale Urbana Post-Covid) and it aims to reflect on the Covid-19 pandemic effects, still relevant nowadays.

The pandemic saw an unprecedented level of solidarity and spontaneous initiative in helping one’s neighbours. Can this solidarity be repeated in the post-pandemic scenery and bring to the development of sustainable and resilient comunities? What should we do to make old aged people, youth, migrants, women from our comunities able to live a proper and healthy life?

Though lots of restrictions are already a far way memory, the full re-start after the Covid-19 shows a long way and, about that, the 8th report from the Commission about the coesion had shown how this needs to be based especially on place, thought logically and devloped through multilevel partnership. Cities and citizens cannot be left by themselves.
The SPUR project aims to do so: town twinning that will learn from each other different realities and challenges, exchanging good practices and international events open to the public.
The post-Covid nedds and desires to start again will be mapped and investigated, creating sinergies and experimenting new types of solidarity actions for the own communities. The final target is to create strong communities where discrimination, marginalization and racism are fought on behalf of european values and full development of hidden talents of young members in our communities.

The partnerships sees the collaboration of 6 local authorities:

1. European Association for Local democracy ALDA (French);
2. Fondazione Comunitaria Agrigento e Trapani (Italy);
3. Città Metropolitana di Milano (Italy); 
4. Municipality d’Etterbeek (Belgium)
5. Harghita County Council (Romania); 
6. Grad Vodnjan-Dignano (Croati)
7. Municipio de Vila do Conde (Portugal)

This partner are working strongly to involve stakeholders of the territory and to create beneficial for old aged people, youth, women and migrants.

keep following us to remain updated about the project!

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