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Mental Health and Youth: The results of the European Project RAY

The European project "RAY - Resilience and Adaptability in Youth: Raising awareness and developing skills amidst the Covid-19 crisis" aimed to support the mental health of youth affected by the Covid-19 crisis, especially those with fewer opportunities.
This is a one-year project from October 10, 2022 to October 10, 2023, funded by the European Erasmus+ program, in which the City of Cinisello Balsamo was involved as a project partner together with the Finnish organization Helsinki Pioneers and the Cypriot organization KOKEN, which is the project leader.
During the development of the project, Focus Groups were organized at the local level by each partner with the aim of creating a moment of discussion to analyze the impact that Covid-19 had on young people. The focus group, consisting of four youth workers, two mental health workers, and four youth (ages 18-25) worked on the insights needed for the implementation of the project outcomes.
These included the production of two documents: a "Survival Manual" for youth (Youth Survival Manual) and a Youth Worker’s Toolkit, translated into the different languages.

If you want to read them, clic below!

Toolkit for Youth Workers:

PDF - 4 Mb

Youth Survival Manual:

PDF - 4.8 Mb

For more information, read the official website of the project, where you can find the documents in different languages!

This month we also started the Mental Health Awareness Campaign that will end on 10th October.
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