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Kick off meeting in Cyprus for Thrive project

From 12 to 14 June 2023, the first coordination meeting of the project You(th) can THRIVE! Enhancing adaptability, resilience and learnability skills in young employees was held in Cyprus.

Thrive is the result of the collaboration between KOKEN, a Cypriot youth welfare association and project leader, and the Europe office of the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo.

Thrive aims to protect the mental health of young people at their first work experience and help them recognise and avoid the dreaded "burnout." The main objective of the project is to understand together what the actual needs of the group in question are and the actual resources available to us: on a practical level, how can we manage stress? What makes us realise if the load on our shoulders is too much? Who should we ask to if we recognise that we are overloaded? Where is the right work-life balance, how do we protect it? These are the questions the project answers.

In practice, this project culminates in the production of two ’survival guides’ - one for young people on their first work experience, one for their employers. We will arrive at this text by documenting the literature and, above all, by engaging with the target group under the guidance of professionals in the field of psychological well-being in the work context. The ’survival guide’ will face emotional and logistical aspects of the topic in a concise and effective way, and will be disseminated freely throughout the territory.

The first meeting focused primarily on the logistics of the coming months - we defined our roadmap and we established a shared (and enthusiastic) view on the qualitative aspects of the project.

The end of the project will be achieved through an active and undoubtedly rich exchange of information, small discoveries, knowledge: we will share these step by step, we trust that this dialogue will also be followed by those who approach us via digital channels.

If you are curious to find out how the project will continue, keep following us!

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