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ESC in the Netherlands - Bianca tells about herself…

Hi. I’m Bianca, I’m 24 years old and live in Milan. A few months ago, after 5 long and tiring years, I graduated in engineering, specializing in the field of sustainability and social impact. Thanks to my course of study, I realized how much the
collaboration among people is the basis of any positive change in the world.
Moreover, in recent times, I have participated in some volunteer activities, which have opened up a world to me, and made me discover how much I enjoy interacting, collaborating, and exchanging experiences with people.

So, before starting my professional career, I decided to undertake this volunteer experience abroad. Also because, after the limitations imposed by the pandemic and (too much) time spent in front of a computer to study, my desire to travel and do new things increased exponentially.

So I decided to embark on this adventure in the Netherlands, with the organization
"Lava Legato”, set up to support the local community in Rotterdam, particularly in then neighborhoods where social inequalities are higher. I will, however, be living with six other volunteers in Zoetermeer, a town between Rotterdam and Den Haag, where the organization is active with activities to support people with disabilities, children, and young adults in need.

The thing that attracted me most about this particular ESC is just the possibility of doing many different activities.

Of course, now, with my bags packed and my plane ticket in my hands, anxiety and
curiosity begin to set in: who knows what it will be like to share the house with people I don’t know, who knows what my days will be like, who knows if I will be able to be a concrete contribution to the project, who knows if I will like Holland?

I can’t wait to get started and get all these questions answered! Although I am not
sure how these 4 months will be, I know that is going to be an experience that I will carry with me forever.

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