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A group of at least 5 young people from UE Countries aged from 18 to 30 has the opportunity to present a project to realize solidarity activities in its country. The group develops and actualizes the project for a period of time that goes from 2 to 12 months, assuming the responsibility and working hard to carry out positive changes in their own local community (in matter of social inclusion, hospitality and integration of refugees and migrants, citizenship and democratic participation, protection of the environment and the natural world, creativity and culture, etc.).
The project has a clearly identified subject that expresses solidarity and that is converted into concrete daily activities.

The project provides a European Commission fund that includes:
500€ per month for the management and realization of project activities
214€ per day (for a maximum of 12 days) to pay a coach that supports youngsters in the realization of the project
A 100% funding of the costs for the participation of young people with less opportunities.

How to participate in and present a Solidarity project:
A group of minimum 5 people, or an independent organization, coming from one of the EU member states presents the project to their National Agency (in Italy, Agenzia Nazionale per i Giovani).

Attention! All the youngsters that want to participate must register themselves or be already enrolled in the database of the European Solidarity Corps.

Do you want to know more? Consult the official page or e-mail us at cinisellobalsamo@eurodesk.eu.

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