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The SEAV project goes on

The project Lombardia Europa 2020 is promoted by Anci Lombardia, Regione Lombardia and Provincia di Brescia to represent Lombardia’s suburbs. Its goal is to grown the administrative capacity of locals specialists and administrators about European program, this program will culminate with the activation of 12 SEAV- Europeans services for extended areas- in every provincial territories.

The Nord Milan’s municipalities of Sesto San Giovanni, Cormano and Bollate coordinated by Cinisello Balsamo started their path of formation the 11th November 2020 and it will end in February 2021.

The meetings are carrying on online and from the representatives of the municipalities the willing of collaboration is strong. The formation path includes meetings that permit to who attend them to be formed in the project area. Guided by the expert Luisa Belloni, at the end of the course the attendees will be able to create and present a project about innovation and digitalization of public administration, this theme has been elected by them during the first knowing meetings as indicated indirectly from the participant administration.
Our proposal will let the municipalities be able to valorize and share the resources and the competences of which they are bearer to respond in the best way to the citizens’ needed.

The first meeting was a big success: thanks to the clarity of the speaker, the attendees are able to understand the most difficult steps of European project, from the choice of the the best call for the objectives, to the reveal of the needed and endless to the activity plan.

The municipality of Cinisello Balsamo saw a big interest from its employees that work in different sectors, so on the most of the participants of the path are from this municipality.

Our municipality aim a lot on this opportunity, this will be a step to move close Cinisello Balsamo and the European program; we are happy to the number of the participant on the SEAV project.

Despite the historical period we are living, that puts a lot of project and activities in stand by, we can say that SEAV project rides high.

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