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Time to Move: 2022 Edition

Saturday 1 October 2022 the "Time To Move 2022" campaign has started. The campaign itself is a series of events and actions promoted by the Eurodesk Headquarter and addressed to all Eurodesk networks across Europe.

The goal of the "Time to Move 2022" campaign is the promotion of the campaign itself through any digital medium such as social network posts, photos, videos, and events with the participation of young Europeans as a key element.

Our European Project Department Office took part in the "Time to Move" campaign proposing various events and activities for the promotion and participation of young people in the area.

The first step was the promotion of the Eurodesk Agency of Cinisello Balsamo thanks to an exhibition stand set up on 14 October 2022 at the Cultural Centre ilPertini, a place visited by young people, to whom the experiences abroad of work, study, volunteering and training available through the Eurodesk network were exposed and described.

Afterwards, the volunteers of the European Project Department Office were hosted on 25 October by @ilPertiniRadio as part of their format called "Big Cini Life", where they were interviewed about opportunities abroad and shared their stories of past experiences in other countries.

Lastly, on 2 November at 9 p.m. there was an Instagram live where the volunteers talked about opportunities, past experiences, requirements for participation in the initiatives proposed by Eurodesk and much more.

All the events and initiatives were a success and we sincerely hope that young people in the area will take part in one of the proposed activities!

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