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Three days of trainings about climate changes for the project Town Twinning

Three seminars trainings took place on the 7th, 8th and 10th May 2024, both at the ’Il Pertini’ Cultural Centre, on the subject of climate changes.

The activities, run by expert lecturers from the University of Milan, were aimed at the students of class 4DS of the Casiraghi high school.
On the first day, teachers Maurizio Maugeri and Veronica Manara coordinated a presentation on the scientific aspects of the current climate phenomenon, involving the students in the explanation. Afterwards, the students calculated their ecological footprint using a short questionnaire to analyse their impact on the environment and the level of sustainability of their lifestyle.
The first day ended with a reflection on how one can improve one’s environmental impact.

On the second day, again with the experts from the University of Milan, the students explored the subject of Italian glaciers. In addition, they had the opportunity to live a virtual experience in contact with the glacial environment through three-dimensional visors. The students were enthusiastic about this very educational and engaging experience.

On the last day, there was a first moment of restitution with the teacher Guglielmina Diolaiuti with a quiz on glaciers with a detailed explanation of each answer. Then the students were divided into groups by two Legambiente representatives, Emilio Bianco and Laura Brambilla, to carry out work by identifying themselves with the following states: United States, China, Sudan and the Netherlands, which consisted of finding concrete solutions to improve the problems that afflict them, making a small presentation where they listed the issues they would focus on for a turnaround in those countries in terms of work, the environment and the economy.
The students were given time to think together about what kind of proposals to make and then the group representatives presented them to the ’jury’ made up of the remaining seminar participants, possibly within the three minutes allowed.
This moment was useful to make the students feel immersed in very complex realities by making them aware of the right path to be taken to benefit the environment and citizens.
The students fluently presented their problems and solutions, and generally they were evaluated quite positively by the jury. The state that received the most consensus was Sudan.
In the closing part of the seminar, there was a final comment regarding the students’ questionnaires by lecturer Antonella Senese.

All the students were satisfied with the activities implemented on these three days, and the coordinators were delighted with the results achieved and the participation of young people interested in this topic!

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