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News release 22th September 2020

After the forced pause, owed to the sanitary emergency connected to the diffusion of Covid-19, the twinning between the municipalities of Cinisello Balsamo and Matera is really getting going. This is an administration twinning result int the project “HubOut. Public spaces of share work”, this provides actions and activities on two territory for young between 16 and 35.

Specifically, the municipal of Cinisello Balsamo, thanks to the initiative HubOut, provides a 3 month helped path to enterprise and it will have a benefit of 700 euro monthly; this is named Entrecomp Lab Senior. The initiative is pointed towards young between 18 and 35 and it is based on the learning of entrepreneurial skills due to the creation of young enterprise. The candidacies of the projects’ ideas should be presented by 12pm of Monday 26th October 2020 through the application form in the website www.hubout.it.

“Started officially the project “HubOut. Public spaces of share work” is a big satisfaction after the lockdown period. It is an opportunity for the young, it can valorize innovative ideas and it could avoid the dispersion of your talent in the territory. This is a project that confirms the existence of young policy in our municipality and it allow the young people to measure themselves with all the entrepreneurial aspect. This will be done by a path that will start from an idea and it will lead to its real creation in the world of work”. This was said by the assessor Enrico Zonca.

The candidates will be supported by Politecnico di Milano’s professors, territorial business associations and Coworking centre during their formation paths. They can also be supported by expert of project management. All the participants will attend, for free, the Learning weekend, there they will focus on their idea thanks to instrument for understand if they could be economically possibles. This is one of the steps that will lead to the final selection of the ideas that could be really developed.
Later on, the candidates’ group, or the group formed during the Learning weekend, should present their idea during the Elevator Pitch to access at the stage’s path. The activities will be set in Villa Breme Forno in Balsamo. At the end of the stage will be release a certificate of the acquired skills.

To know more about the project visit the official website and download the call here.

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