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First SEAV online meeting

ANCI Lombardia’s goal is to support the public administration of the regions’ local districts on the participation in European call for founding, through SEAV project.
The aim is to increase the collaboration between municipalities and their internal competence for the purpose of access with more facility at the European direct and indirect found expected by the European program.

Thursday 1st October 2020, we had the first online meeting about the beginning of the activities. The meeting was conducted by ANCI’s supervisor and were invited all the representatives of the Nord Milan’s municipalities involved in the project. The district of Cinisello Balsamo saw a big interest form its offices and, because of its wide experience in European program, it will have the role of coordinator for the neighbouring cities.

The conference was meant to present the SEAV’s project in its entirety, specifying the deadlines. For the progression of the project’s actions and phases ANCI will provide in every designed zone the figure of SEAV Coach, who will support the municipalities with the definitions of the affiliation that will enforce the network between the district, or will create new synergy to simplify the access to European financing in an unite way.
Moreover the project offers the opportunity to have a formation and tutoring path with the help of a tutor in European project manager specified in the interested areas and in the priority identified by the local administration.

The next project phases will be between October and December 2020 and they expect to identify the priority of the zone in which it will be developed the project idea, with the aim to present it next spring.
In October 2020, the first meeting between the representatives of the Nord Milan’s municipalities and the tutor assigned by ANCI will be held in Cinisello Balsamo.

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