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The ninth edition of the Intercity Youth Conference will be held from the 26th - 28th of October 2020. The event is organized by the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo in collaboration with the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan and ANCI Lombardia. The conference will take place entirely online, on the Zoom platform, in compliance with the Covid regulations. The conference will be an opportunity to get informed and learn about all the news and the next steps planned, starting from 2021 in the field of youth policies.

The program includes national and international speeches about the strategies and guidelines on the theme of Youth policies at a local level in an ideal comparison with the strategies implemented all over Europe. The Intercity Youth Conference will host Youth Workers from all over Europe that will share their experiences on the themes of inclusion, participation and learning.

During the three days, the focus will be on the promotion of Youth Work as a strategy, practice and / or approach that gives effectiveness and strength to Youth Policies at the local level. The most interesting practices and the results obtained locally in the Lombardy region will be presented and analyzed.
In particular, focusing on municipal public bodies that are increasingly determined in promoting strategies and policies that put young people at the center as agents of development, change and cohesion.

Below are the programs with the activities and interventions that will make up the three days of the conference.

PDF - 3.4 Mb
ICY PROGRAM 26th-27th of October
PDF - 7.4 Mb
ICY PROGRAM 28th of October
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